Jesus the God-Man

The life and ministry of Jesus in Chronological order

Jesus the God ManThe word became flesh

The word became flesh part2

The word became flesh part 3

An unlikely testimony received

The dedication of Jesus

The coming of the wise men

Jesus’ boyhood visit to Jerusalem

The Baptizer & the baptism

The temptation of Christ

First disciples of Jesus

Jesus first miracle

Jesus cleanses the Temple

You must be born again

You must be born again” Pt 2

John the Baptist exalts Christ

The woman at Jacobs’ well

The woman at Jacobs’ well” Pt 2

The woman at Jacobs well (Pt3

Jesus heals a nobleman’s son

“Jesus rejected at Nazareth”

Demons possession and distractions

Gifts of healing’s

Let’s go fishing

The cleansing of a leper

Jesus heals a paralytic

Levi responds to the call

Jesus questioned about fasting

Lord of the Sabbath – Pt 1

Lord of the Sabbath – Pt 2

Jesus chooses 12 apostles

The ingredients for a blessed life

Disciples are salt & light

Jesus, the fulfillment of the Law

Murder begins in the heart

The sin of adultery begins in the heart

Jesus teaches on divorce

How dependable is your word


Love your enemies

Charitable deeds

The Disciples’ prayer


“Treasures” – Part 1

Treasure- Pt 2

Treasures” Pt 3

You can’t judge me

Keep on keeping on

The narrow way

Identifying false teachers

I never knew you

Build on the rock

The faith of a centurion

Death meets it’s conqueror

Wisdom is justified by her children

Greater revelation requires greater responsibility

Great sin, greater forgiveness, greatest love

The unpardonable sin

The Scribes and Pharisees seek a sign

Priorities and the kingdom

The beginning of the kingdom

Opposition to the kingdom

The outcome of the kingdom

Jesus calms the storm

Jesus delivers a demoniac

Jesus, healer and life giver

Workers for the harvest

Workers for the harvest Pt 2

The beheading of John the baptizer

Feeding the 5000

Jesus walks on water

Bread from heaven Pt 1

Bread from heaven Pt 2

Bread from heaven Pt 3

Defilement comes from within

A gentile shows her faith

Jesus heals a deaf-mute

Jesus feeds a multitude

Religiosity seeks a sign

Beware of leaven

A blind man healed at Bethsaida

Peter’s confession of faith

The way of the cross

The Transfiguration

The need for faith

Tax season?

Who is the greatest

Conflict resolution

Why forgiveness is necessary

Jesus rebukes His siblings

A date with destiny

The debate

The debate Pt. 2

The division

An Adulteress woman

Jesus, the light of the cosmos

“Jesus, the light of the cosmos” Pt 2

“Jesus, Lord of the cosmos” Pt 3

“Jesus, light of the cosmos” Pt 4

“A man born blind receives his sight”

The True Shepherd

The good shepherd 

The good shepherd pt2

The seventy sent out

The Good Samaritan

One thing is needed

Teach us to pray

Woe to religiosity

Beware, fear& confess

The foolishness of greed

Do not worry

Are you ready

Journeying toward Jerusalem

A litany of instruction

A litany of instruction Pt. 2

A litany of instruction pt 3

A litany of instruction Pt 4

A litany of instruction Pt 5

A Sinning brother


Pastor Paul 9/23/18

10 lepers cleansed

The coming kingdom

Characteristics of correct prayer

Marriage and divorce

Jesus blesses the little children

Jesus counsels a rich, young ruler

All things are possible with God

Workers in the vineyard

The Shepherd knows His sheep

The Shepherd knows His sheepPt2

The death/raising of Lazarus

The death/raising of Lazarus Pt2

The 3rd and final reminder

Service:the way to greatness

Jesus, Son of David

Salvation comes to the house of Zacchaeus

Am I a faithful steward

Jesus anointed at Bethany

The triumphal entry

Jesus cleanses the Temple

The authority of Jesus questioned

The authority of Jesus questioned pt2

The Authority of Jesus questioned Pt3

Plot of the Pharisees

Events and appearances Pt3
Events and appearances Pt4